About NCManager
About NCManager

NCManager general viewThe initial data for NCM is the program text for a certain machine (G-code) and the file defining CNC. Besides, part models, components and workpieces can be loaded from STL files. NCM is designed for working both with the handmade programs and the programs created with the help of any CAM system. In the second case one can import all the necessary additional data (tools, workpiece) from CAM system.Result of the material removalIn both cases one can either edit or recreate these data from within NCM. Besides, NCM allows to edit a program text with the immediate display of the changes made in the graphical window. NCM provides you with an opportunity to imitate a program execution in various modes: from a mere trajectory drawing to a realistic imitation of the removal procedure a workpiece material. in any mode a user has an access to all current information about coordinates of any point of a workpiece, a tool, a trajectory as well as all information about CNC status (feed, speed, mode, etc.). Hence, NCM is a compact product easy to cope with which can significantly simplify the work with all the variety of programs for NC machines irrespectively of their origin.