About NCManager

NCManager provides an opportunity to:

[01] Check a new NC program
[02] Check an already existing program
[03] Restore the form of a part using NC program
[04] Measure a part without manufacturing
[05] Optimize the program
[06] Write the elementary program
[07] Debug the postprocessor
[08] Find a necessary program in the archive
[09] Replace the tool
[10] Train the staff
[11] Consider a CNC peculiarities
[12] Transfer the program from one CNC to another
[13] Export the program geometry into other CAD/CAM systems


Check a new NC program

After the NC program is created either manually or in any CAM system, you can try it and see how it will be executed in reality at a certain machine allowing for compensation, cycles, subroutines, etc. At that such errors are discovered as a collision of a tool and a workpiece, wrong geometry, technological parameters that were set incorrectly, etc. If the program contains errors, NCManager will help to find and correct them at once. Top


Check an already existing program

With the help of NCManager you can immediately restore in the memory the purpose of the existing program, and to make small changes, if necessary. Top


Restore the form of a part using NC program

NCManager displays the material removal procedure in the course of processing, that is why it is possible to restore all the machined surfaces of a part and find out any point co-ordinates. Top


Measure a part without manufacturing

At any stage of the NC program work you can stop its execution and measure immediately on the part the real co-ordinates and distances obtained after processing, i.e. to control the part without manufacturing it. Top


Optimize the program

Even the best postprocessor can not always produce an optimal program. With NCManager you can analyze any program section allowing for time, modes, etc., and optimize it. Top


Write the elementary program

Very often a situation occurs when you need to load a simple program in the machine and do it rather quickly. In this case you can write this program directly in NCManager. The program being written, you can watch how it will work and, thus, avoid errors. Top


Debug the postprocessor

In the course of developing a postprocessor you may need to check the way it works in all possible situations. As a rule the CAM system it is designed for can be of no help. In this case NCManager substitutes experiments at the machine, thus, considerably simplifying the whole process of development. Top


Find a necessary program in the archive

When you look through the archive of available NC programs, quite often you have to be guided only by their name which is far from being convenient. The use of graphical and measuring features provided by NCManager allows to find a desired program much faster. Top


Replace the tool

If instead of the tool NC program was initially designed for you have to use another one, NCManager will allow to create a new tool, enter all the necessary compensation values and see (measure) the result of the program work. Top


Train the staff

In its essence, NCManager is a simulator of a machine with CNC and thus it can be used as a simulator for training new employees. Top


Consider a CNC peculiarities

NCManager can be tuned allowing for a certain machine peculiarities even if they are not documented or resulted from updating. Top


Transfer the program from one CNC to another

Program export in Рав CL format allows to use programs designed for one CNC for working on another one. In this case NC Manager reads the existing program, interprets and displays it and then gives the user a chance to transfer it into the Рав CL file. Postprocessor processes the latter for a necessary CNC. The obtained G-code loads again into NCManager. Thus, there occurs an opportunity to compare the initial and the obtained programs and to make sure the transition was done correctly. Top


Export the program geometry into other CAD/CAM systems

DXF interface allows to transmit the form of a tool trajectory almost to any system for future utilization. Top